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About Us

Langbaum Associates was created on the basis that the dealer marketplace needed a manufacturers representative organization that really cared, is dedicated to the security marketplace, and to the CCTV video industry as its prime business.  We are a representative organization that is willing and able to provide the back-up services that a dealer needs and is entitled to.  We have gone through the past four decades enjoying a formative sales growth.  This growth, we feel, is a glowing testimonial to the support we have given those who have purchased our products - a testimonial for which we are deeply grateful.  

Our approach the the market is simple - Support!  As a full service representative, our entire organization is finely tuned to the demands of the marketplace.  We work closely with our dealers and are always willing to go that extra mile to assure that the dealer's needs and concerns are properly satisfied.  Our feeling is that it is our responsibility to pay as much attention to the dealer after the sale as we do during the design and proposal stage.  We recognize that many times after the sale, support or lack of any, determines whether it will be a profitable sale.  Dealers have found that they can rely on Langbaum Associates for fast accurate and reliable information and service.  No matter how large or small the system, well constructed proposals result in reliable solutions, more sales, and greater profits.  
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Tri-Northern Distribution

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Access Gate Servers

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Greatest Year over Year % Revenue Growth

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Access Gate Servers
Highest Sales Volume

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Pelco Manufacturer's Rep Salesperson

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Company History
After being discharged from the Army with a Purple Heart for injuries inflicted during WW2, Irving Langbaum returned stateside where he came to own and operate a small business in the retail toy industry.  Shortly thereafter, he was presented with a unique opportunity when reunited with a long-time childhood friend.  Growing up together in a NYC orphanage, the two men went on to later own two successful trucking companies specializing in the warehousing and delivery of photographic equipment to local shops in the greater NYC area.  

In the late 1960's after the death of his dear friend and business partner, Irv decided to sell the trucking companies and explore the emerging technologies he had become familiar with while dealing with the local photo shops.  The CCTV / Security market, in its infancy, presented an intriguing opportunity and a large growth potential.

As a result, he started the Diversified Video Corporation which specialized in the installation and service of Closed Circuit Television equipment for the retail food & grocery market.   From there, with the assistance of his son Arthur, grew the business into the commercial / industrial space.

As the business grew and the technology began to mature, they quickly learned that there were very limited resources with regards to product information, design assistance, and industry expertise; for all practical purposes, "they were on their own".  It was then when Irv and Arthur decided to fill a void and channel all they had learned.  From their successes, and from their mistakes, they could competently provide a unique service to other companies that installed CCTV product: Hence the birth of Irving Langbaum Associates, Inc. a Manufacturers Representative firm specializing in providing design assistance and product knowledge to the trade in a professional and ethical manner.

With the addition of George Schlageter, Irv's son-in-law and Arthur's now partner, ILA grew their business, expanded the territory and solidified their reputation throughout the CCTV industry.  Throughout the years ILA has represented companies such as Sanyo, RCA, Vicon, Burle Industries, American Dynamics, Robot, Fiber Options, Sensormatic, IFS, and Pelco among others.  

In the late 1980's, Irv turned the reins over to Arthur and George and the company was renamed Langbaum Associates, Inc.  Out of respect to Irv and in his honor, we decided to keep the original ILA company logo.

Today, Langbaum Associates, Inc. is a 3rd generation family owned business and is among the most respected and trusted names in the video security industry.